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Order Buds Online™ is an ecommerce platform bud sellers, online, buying and selling buds in the places that buying and selling buds is happening in the real world. Buy the buds at the price you want and set the price you want to sell your buds and build your business.

If you don’t have buds to sell, that’s okay, sell approved Vendor’s buds through your own website. Get your free website to start selling buds here. Become a Vendor today!

Buy and Sell with Order Buds Online™ & Bitcoins

All of our sellers have the option to set the commission rate for each product selling buds through Order Buds Online™ Marijuana Marketplace and allowing sellers to cross-sell other sellers products and make a commision from that seller.

Get your online shopping cart to sell your buds or other seller’s buds and accept virtual currency or COD. Accepted shopping cart currencies include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and BitcoinCash.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, BitcoinCash

About Us

Order Buds Online™ is your buds, bud related products marketplace. We seek out the finest bud farmers and product manufactures to give you, the local Sales Star, to bring their harvest and products to market through our network and marketplace and directly to you, the Entrepreneur.

420 Commerce Platform & Online Trading Post

The Marijuana Buds Marketplace is a cannabis market for buds and related products from active sellers or vendors. If you would like to apply to become a seller / vendor, we welcome your application. Join Now.

What You Get:

  • Electronic POS / e-commerce website
  • Virtual Currency Support (Be Your Own Bank)
  • Access To Trading Floor
  • Sell your buds and or sell other seller’s buds
  • Sell Buds For Bitcoins
  • Buy Buds For Bitcoins

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